sugar exchange

is a new type of cryptocurrency trading platform utilizing proven methods, as well as implementing advanced technology to ensure a superior user experience. Designed with security, usability and innovation, Sugar is sweet for both beginners and advanced traders.

sugar exchange

is a new type of cryptocurrency trading platform utilizing proven methods, as well as implementing advanced technology to ensure a superior user experience. Designed with security, usability and innovation, Sugar is sweet for both beginners and advanced traders.



Security is paramount in the cryptocurrency space. Our team of security experts are dedicated to developing Sugar as the most secure cryptocurrency exchange available. Our goal is for users to have peace of mind when using our platform and feel secure storing their currencies in our wallets.


Anonymity is fundamental to the blockchain design. At Sugar Exchange, we take anonymity very seriously. Our goal is to provide the ability for anonymous trading and to keep it that way. At the end of the day, governments continue to have some control over the way this industry operates; however, we will do everything in our power to maintain your privacy. We believe your business is your own and no one else’s… lets hope our vision catches on.



The future of cryptocurrency trading is all about simplicity. Our mission is to launch the worlds most straightforward, easy to use trading platform. Sugar Exchange will provide users the ability to keep it simple or deploy the advanced user interface; you choose.

Our mobile trading app is currently in development and will provide one click trading for all major cryptocurrencies. 


From accounting capabilities, to video tutorials, AI trade recommendations, and trading bots – our features are some of the best in the business. While you’re discovering the features available to you, don’t forget to keep an eye on our upcoming sugardrops, too!

Why issue a token?

Sugar tokens (SGRs) can be used to pay trading fees and will provide users a discount as compared to paying with Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH). Sugar tokens will provide this same discount to users when accessing our innovative services on the exchange, including: accounting, Trading Bots, and artificial intelligence (AI) trade recommendations.

There will always be a demand for Sugar.


Token Name: Sugar Exchange
Token Symbol: SGR
Decimal: 8
Contract Address: 0xCB5A05beF3257613E984C17DbcF039952B6d883F

Total Supply: 80,000,000

25,000,000 Development (31%)
20,000,000 Team (25%)
20,000,000 Founders(25%)
10,000,000 Airdrops (3) (13%)
5,000,000 Marketing & Exchanges (6%)

The purpose of the airdrop is to give away free tokens to participants. After trading commences, the Cryptocurrency market will determine SGR’s value. The Sugar Exchange team does not take any responsibility for financial losses which may occur during the trading of SGR, nor are we accepting any outside investment for that reason. We encourage everyone trading SGR to seek professional investment advice.


Next SugarDrop:

November 20

Stay tuned for more SugarDrop events, by registering today.


These dates are deemed accurate but the development team and it’s associates are not held liable if such dates lapse. Please note our goal is to gain trust within our community so compliance with these dates will be of utmost importance.


When you choose to use our accounting service, there’s no need to worry about what to do at year end when hundreds of trades have been placed and you stopped documenting months ago. With the click of a button, this additional service will deploy secondary software to outline all of your trades; gains, losses, and, most importantly, your net profit at the end of it all. This software is only deployed with your consent and all data is confidential (it’s none of our business how much money you make). How sweet will it be to click and submit with Sugar.


Video tutorials

The mandate of Sugar is to make trading easy and accessible to all. One simple way we plan to do this is with free video tutorials. Regardless of your expertise in cryptocurrency trading, you will be able to use all of our innovative and advanced features because we are going to teach you how. You don’t need to be an advanced trader to use our platform but we’ll give you the tools to become just that.

AI Trade Reccomendations

Data is everything and most cryptocurrency traders don’t take full advantage of it. Sugar AI will help provide enhanced recommendations on when to buy and sell specific cryptocurrencies. Our proprietary AI platform will provide critical knowledge on current trading trends. Available for monthly subscription with payment via Sugar token … just one more reason the Sugar token will be in constant demand.


The first Crypto Venture Exchange

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are becoming the funding source of the future for blockchain technology startups… But what about those businesses not specifically focused on blockchain, which have the potential to provide massive ROIs? Sugar Venture Exchange bridges the gap by featuring some of the worlds top start ups and allowing you to invest using your cryptocurrencies! The future of venture is here and it’s accessible through the Sugar Exchange.

Trading Bots

The future of advanced cryptocurrency trading comes in the form of Trading Bots; we like to call ours Sugar Bots. Using our proprietary algorithm, Sugar Bots will perform your buying and selling for you at the ideal time for enhanced return on investment. Sugar Bots are the future of crypto trading and another unique feature of our exchange. You guessed it, payable via the Sugar token.


Sugar Exchange will trade on:


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